Trapped in a dungeon where the very darkness seems to writhe. The halls echo with hellish tones. How long has it been since you have been imprisoned? You can scarcely remember why. Starvation and deprivation has begun to rob you of your senses. You just remember red. Everything about this place is red. 

Discover why you were imprisoned and find a way out. Be wary, you are not alone in this dark place. You are being watched. You are being hunted. The shadows haunt your every footstep. The evil that lurks here will not allow you to leave. Can you find the answers that are locked away in this labyrinth? Can you find the way out before you lose yourself forever? Or are you doomed to play out the endless cycle of insanity over and over and over…? Can you escape this living nightmare? 

Follow the story of Ouroboros as it begins with Prelude. You wake up in a cell. You remember very little. Your name is James. You are an apothecary. You were brought deep into the Holy Roman Empire by a count to help him with research. You found something you should not have. And that you have a brother who will be in danger if you cannot get out alive. 

Ouroboros- Prelude - Trailer - Version 300:38

Ouroboros- Prelude - Trailer - Version 3

Ouroboros- Prelude - Gameplay Trailer - Version 304:25

Ouroboros- Prelude - Gameplay Trailer - Version 3

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